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Palos Verdes, CA - Document Scanning & Document Copying Services

Access Scanning Document Services, LLC offer free estimates over the phone and on-site document inspection with free delivery for projects over $500.

We help any type of business or individual

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Large Format
  • Public
  • Custom and much more!

Contact us at  (818) 429-5069 for more information on how we can help you with your scanning project.

Need Accurate, Reliable OCR Document Imaging? Trust Access Document Solution's Document Imaging OCR Services For The High Quality Results You Are Looking For.

Have a Large Scanning Job? Need It Done Fast? Trust It To Access Document Scanning Services, LLC

Access Scanning Document Services, LLC
Most businesses these days have the ability to to scan documents as needed in their offices. However, for certain projects and business sectors, the average scanning equipment simply will not do -- it takes professional-grade scanning technology and the expertise that goes with using it in order to tackle large-scale scanning projects on tight deadlines.

At Access Scanning Document Services, LLC, we pride ourselves on assisting businesses like yours in handing complex, urgent scanning projects where files and documents need to be scanned in with the highest level of accuracy and organization.

Let our staff assist your organization in on-site or off-site scanning and integration into your own digital file system of business solution. With our leading-edge equipment, expertise in high-quantity document imaging and scanning, and a professional, personalized approach to our service, Access Document Scanning Services, LLC is your best option for meeting the rigorous demands that large-scale scanning projects.

What are the advantages of document scanning?

Advantages of document scanning are plentiful. One, creating an electronic copy of valuable documents ensures that even in the event that the original is lost, it can be recreated by printing out the electronic copy. Second, valuable archives from years past can be captured and preserved, since document imaging creates an copy that will not fade, yellow with age, or turn brittle over time. Last, document imaging makes it very easy to share copies of paper documents with remote locations.

For example, if a sales associate is out of the country and needs to see a copy of a client contract, there is no need to accrue the expense involved with making a paper copy and mailing it by a mail. Instead, the scanned document can simply be emailed or placed on a network the associate can access. What used to take days now only takes a few minutes to accomplish with document scanning.

Document imaging has changed the way many companies store important documents, as well as made it much easier to retrieve data when needed. Whether the documents consist of pictures, contracts, or building schematics, the images of important papers are preserved and available whenever they are needed.

Different types of PDF's:

  • PDF with OCR - OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and helps you find exact words, phrases and more.
  • PDF with OCR Suspects -  It helps you find a more exact character in a single large or multiple PDF's.
  • PDF with Encryption - By protecting your PDF with a password, certificate, etc. your file can not be opened, unless with the credentials used.

 Optical Character Recognition, or OCR for short, is the critical technology that allows businesses like yours to scan and index complex documents and files into a format that your business solution and end users can read and edit. Without this technology, document imaging would be worthless for some organizations who must have editing control and readability over their data.

The advantages of OCR are numerous, but namely it increases the efficiency and effectiveness of office work. The ability to instantly search through content is immensely useful, especially in an office setting that has to deal with high volume scanning or high document inflow. You can now use the copy and paste tools on the document as well, instead of rewriting everything to correct it. OCR is quick and accurate, ensuring the document's content remains intact while saving time as well. When combined with other technologies such as scanning and file compression, the advantages of OCR truly shine. Workflow is increased since employees no longer have to waste time on manual labor and can work quicker and more efficiently.

Perhaps your company is one of them?

Given the high-performance nature of OCR Scanning technology, it is best to leave large-scale document imaging OCR projects to the experts at Access Document Scanning Solutions. We remain on the cutting edge of OCR technology, and can deploy the right strategy to help on board your paper-based documents into a readable, organizable digital format that works for you.

If you're read to learn more about document imaging and OCR, feel free to contact us for more information and a FREE consultation.

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16001 Ventura Blvd #115 Encino, CA 91436
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8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
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