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11 Nov 2012
What is HIPAA?
Posted by Javier Rios
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If you work for or manage a medical office, then you know that there is a growing demand for all medical office to find creative ways to cut costs. At Access Scanning Document Services, we understand how important privacy is for our costumers. We are HIPAA certified, see our certificate below.

See our HIPPA Certificate HERE

What is HIPPA? 

HIPPA Stands for The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and was created to protect patient's information and make the health system more efficient.

The privacy rule standards address the use and disclosure of individual's health information. All individuals, businesses and their employees that have access to ePHHI or PHI must learn the standards of this HIPPA rule.

According to the Washington Post, doctors and medical offices have been slow to adopt electronic and digitized patient filing. But by 2015, there will be some sharp penalties:In fact, medical offices that continue to use the paper filing method past 2015 will be fined by the Federal government. 

To nudge doctors to make the switch to electronic records, which are said to be more efficient at tracking patient care, the federal government is offering financial incentives, and in 2015, it will penalize physicians who lag behind. To date, around 55 percent of doctors have complied, about on par with the government’s projections. But many well-established physicians are not wild about making the transition.

The medical community appears to have a difficult time articulating why they prefer medical records to digital ones, especially since more and more electronic devices, such as tablet computers, are being used in the medical workplace. And with electronic documents and patient records, there is a more reliable and standardized means of seeing additions and alterations to the record, as well as a chance for multiple doctors to contribute to and interact with the data.

It would appear that the impetus for lagging behind other sectors when in comes to scanning medical documents would have mostly to do with the enormous backlog of paper files that need to be scanned.

Fortunately, scanning medical documents has come a long way in the past decade. Document Scanning service providers now have the technology to scan documents quickly and efficiently, using OCR and other intelligent technologies to file digital documents and even make them interactive. The key for medical offices is to commit to outsourcing this work -- a decision that doesn't come easy.

Also, there might also be HIPAA and other legal considerations that doctor's offices are concerned about with respect to liability. But for as much as these objections may seem sustainable for the time being, by 2015, the objections will no longer outweigh the penalties.

Do you run a medical office? Now is the time to start scanning medical documents into a digitized format that complies with new regulations! Let Access Scanning Document Solutions help you quickly and easily scan your entire paper filing system into one easy to do digital filing system today!


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